Digital technologies are transforming your business right now. Lead what’s next for your business: NEXT 2017.

Get Down to Business

We’re in the middle of a digital revolution. Much as expanding steam drove the Industrial Revolution, growing data is powering this modern transformation in every industry. NEXT 2017 is the premier event for the digital revolution. It’s for business leaders who want to win – not just compete – and innovate faster to thrive in the digital economy. And to reinvent their business even if they weren’t born in the cloud. Come to NEXT 2017 to lead what’s next. Lead with unexpected insights and innovations. Lead with your data as the core value of your company. Lead your operations to the cloud to spend less and innovate more. Lead the digital transformation of your industry and render your competitors irrelevant.

At NEXT 2017, you'll experience the latest solutions and services so that you can get the most value from your data. It’s all made possible by integrating information technology with the operational technologies of the world's infrastructure through the internet of things. Gain the expertise of Hitachi, one of today’s industrial giants. Achieve incredible value when this expertise meets Hitachi's strength in data management and analysis. It’s part of our vision of Social Innovation to help businesses succeed and societies be safer, healthier and smarter.

This is THE event in 2017 to learn how business leaders lead what’s next to reach better outcomes and to use technology well to flourish in the digital revolution.



NEXT 2017 will be bigger, better, and even more useful for disruptors like you. Bigger than what? Bigger than last year’s event. Check out this video.
Stay in Vegas. Play in Vegas.

There's No Telling How Much Fun You'll Have

All work and no play just isn’t our style. Don’t misunderstand: We’ll do some serious work at NEXT 2017. But have some serious fun, too. We hear it all stays in Vegas anyway.

The Digital Revolution Starts Here

Here’s the core of NEXT 2017. It’s how you can lead your company to what’s next. Hear from visionary leaders in technology and business in our general sessions. Talk with accomplished thinkers, business strategists and technology experts in our breakout sessions on product roadmaps, case histories, industry trends, solution ecosystems, and more. Chat up your peers all day long.

Break Out From the Pack



Transform Your Organization Now To Build Your Future Success

Join your peers and other experts to see how enterprise IT must transform. Learn how modernizing infrastructures, evolving consumption models, and disruptive technologies create the future data center. They drive the strategic business objectives for the modern organization.



Build Competitive Advantage by Using Data, IoT and Analytics

Digital transformation is a universal challenge for executives who must stay competitive and grow organically. Gain insights from business leaders and industry experts. Learn to improve your operational efficiency and customer experience with the most vital asset: your data.



Build the Right Foundation To Stay Relevant in the New Global Financial World

Deliver compelling, personalized customer experiences, reduce your operational costs and churn, and help drive new revenue streams. Learn more about data integration, ingestion and analytics to help you rapidly perform investigations, prevent fraud, and meet your regulatory and compliance requirements.



Transform Your Business for Growth With Data and Analytics

Savvy commercial and industrial companies are using the transformative power of the internet of things to capture unconventional growth. Explore new business models, discover intelligent technologies and learn how to use data to transform your business.



Tangible Business Outcomes Presented by the People Who Made Them

Digital transformation works in the real world. It’s no longer a theory by analysts or a strategy by consultants. Here are real people just like you who have already addressed problems and opportunities just like yours. In these sessions, hear how enterprises actually transform.

Solutions Showcase

Walk the Talk to Tomorrow

Let’s get down to what you need to lead what’s next. See forward-thinking
solutions demonstrated by Hitachi and our partners, along with – get this –
brand new products and solutions that no one has heard of before.
Come learn about any of these crucial areas for your business:

Showcase Themes

IT Ecosystem Solutions

Application Ecosystem Solutions

Experience the integration of IT, IoT, applications and expertise to drive your outcomes.

Lumada IOT Platform

Lumada IoT Platform

Illuminate your data and accelerate your IoT journey with advanced solutions.

Cloud Solutions and Services

Cloud Solutions and Services

Discover effective, practical choices to automate and simplify your enterprise cloud.

Content and data intelligence

Content and data intelligence

Aggregate data from across your enterprise for the sharpest insights and best outcomes.

Modern Infrastructure


Build your modern enterprise on only the most advanced IT infrastructure systems.

Smart Data Center

Smart Data Center

Improve your visibility and control of IT operations, performance and financials.

Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Optimize your management of distributed energy resources with intelligent systems.

Smart Manufacturing


Enhance your factory assets and processes with comprehensive, industrial IoT solutions.

Smart Mining


Innovate mining with real-time analytics, asset tracking and machine-health monitoring.

Urban Development


Make your city smarter and safer with next-generation IoT and telecom systems.



Rely on the broad expertise of Hitachi's partner ecosystem to transform your business.

Smart Transportation


Manage rail, fleets and vehicles with artificial intelligence, data analytics and IoT.


Show Me a Showcase

We’d love to show you NEXT 2017’s showcase, but that’s impossible. Here’s some video of our last showcase. It was great. But not as great as this year’s. Of course, you’ll want to compare for yourself.

We Wouldn't Be Here Without Our Friends

The broad expertise in our partner ecosystem, together with Hitachi,
helps you transform your business for the new digital economy.
What's not to like? We'll introduce you at NEXT. Check back here
soon to see who will be there.

But Wait, That’s Not All!

While you’re at NEXT, take a look at these amazing bonus sessions to round out your visit. They’re not for everyone but every one of them has valuable information and insights for successful business and a responsible society.


Developers have a limitless future with Hitachi. Because of our decades of experience in both IT and operational technologies, we know the importance of giving you flexible and extensible solutions – and we know how to build them.

But we don’t stop there and neither should you. In our Developer Track, you’ll discover how to apply new IoT thinking to both on-premise and cloud, to machine learning, and to other vital technologies. Talk directly with our engineers and product managers who will give you a deep tour of the latest capabilities and technologies that span Hitachi’s data management, content intelligence, analytics and IoT technology and solutions portfolios. This track is suited to a specific developer profile, so please check with us to see if it is right for you.


Join us in a special event where you can meet, greet and grow. We’ll have informative and motivating speakers with experience and ideas that matter for anyone. First is Vernice Armour, the first African-American female combat pilot, and author, speaking on fearless leadership. Next is Patty Azzarello, CEO, business advisor and author, speaking on decisive leadership. And that’s just to start.

CIO Forum by The Wall Street Journal

Watch and join in as The Wall Street Journal examines how business gets smarter when information technology meets the internet of things. Learn how companies recognize opportunities in the data that is all around them. Information that was previously ignored or lost now is leveraged to reduce costs, build revenue and innovate. A WSJ interview will draw out expert insights, and audience members will pose questions of their own.

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Register and see it live.