2019 Hitachi Transformation Awards

The Hitachi Transformation Awards go to organizations that have accelerated their digital transformation with support from Hitachi Group solutions. Let’s celebrate their innovation, insights and inspiration to lead with data.

Category Winners

They’ve got the insights and innovation to win today and tomorrow.


Enterprise Business Transformation

It’s now easier than ever to bring new medications to market quickly and safely thanks to electron microscopy. Co-creation with Hitachi helps Vironova create technology with automated analysis...

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Precision Drilling

Data-Insights Optimization

In an industry where every second counts, Precision Drilling needed ways to turn insights into action. With the help of Hitachi, they are able to deliver the right data to the right person at the right time. Through the use of...

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Optimise Prime Projects

Environmental Sustainability

To reach carbon-reduction targets and accelerate the transition to commercial electric vehicles (EVs), the world’s largest commercial EV project was formed. Together with Hitachi, the Optimise Prime Project...

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Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited

Social Innovation

With the motto “By your side for life,” Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company is committed to meet the changing needs of society and their customers. In co-creation with Hitachi, the major Japanese insurer...

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Honorable Mentions

Shaala Darpan

A platform for education initiatives in India, Shaala Darpan created a centralized ecosystem to provide transparency, accountability and a focused view of schools. With the help of several Hitachi solutions, they can now manage data and institutionalize best practices to improve the educational system throughout India.


To increase security and meet new compliance requirements, IT services provider Atos partnered with Hitachi to update the access control system at their data centers. Through the use of biometric solutions and automated dashboards, Atos is able to increase security and efficiencies for their customers.


Camso, a Michelin company, was challenged with a complex manufacturing process that also created shifting bottlenecks. By working with Hitachi, Camso is able to optimize their data to improve productivity, monitor and address deviations, reduce excess material consumption and increase their overall operational efficiency.

Mitsubishi Estate

With real estate located in a major redevelopment area of Tokyo, the Mitsubishi Estate Group partnered with Hitachi to co-create a vision for a seamless, more productive living and working experience for tenants and workers across their personal and professional lives.