Here’s Why NEXT 2018 Is So Worth It

It’s all about the data. Your data. Where do you get the best ideas to store, protect, enrich, activate and monetize your data? Right here at NEXT.

Data Is Your Story

Lead intelligent innovation in your industry with meaningful insights drawn from your own data.

  • Data-driven decisions steer you toward the results that matter.
  • Hitachi’s NEXT 2018 is the premier event for the digital revolution.
  • It’s for business leaders who embrace the digital economy
    and base decisions on data to ensure success.
  • At NEXT 2018 you’ll change the way your world works.

Your Data Gives You Better Odds

Where does the City of Las Vegas place its bets? On their data. Michael Sherwood, director of technology innovation, uses transformative IoT projects to make a safer, healthier city. At NEXT, you'll see how your data stacks the deck in your favor.

See Your World of Data in One Room. A Big Room.

In our Solutions Showcase, we've assembled the top data solutions from Hitachi and our partners. See what you can use now alongside what you'll use next.

Data Center Modernization

Data-Driven Insights



Industry Use Cases

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