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Find in-depth best practices and real-world case studies for digital strategies that your peers use to engage the power in their data. Make your organization more productive and innovative than ever.

Unleash Your Digital Innovation With Intelligent DataOps

Unleash Your Digital Innovation With Intelligent DataOps

Even though organizations everywhere are pursuing digital transformation with gusto, it’s still difficult for most to get the right information to the right place at the right time. Important analytics suffer from data engineering challenges...

Even though organizations everywhere are pursuing digital transformation with gusto, it’s still difficult for most to get the right information to the right place at the right time. Important analytics suffer from data engineering challenges that make it time-consuming to discover, blend, and deliver the necessary data. But that’s only part of the problem. Data governance and compliance now place new demands on how you share and manage your data. And distributed edge-to-core-to-cloud infrastructures introduce still more challenges. We’ve seen data operations emerge as a collaborative data management discipline that improves the communication, integration and automation of data flows between data managers and consumers across an organization. In this session you’ll learn how Hitachi Vantara works to implement DataOps with leading organizations to make their data more agile and dramatically improve their productivity and innovation.
Multicloud Acceleration for the Real World: Yours

Multicloud Acceleration for the Real World: Yours

Now that cloud has become an integral part of yours and virtually every other enterprise’s IT strategy, how can you improve your cloud adoption and rationalization. It’s a huge priority for most. Hitachi Vantara is a leader in helping...

Now that cloud has become an integral part of yours and virtually every other enterprise’s IT strategy, how can you improve your cloud adoption and rationalization. It’s a huge priority for most. Hitachi Vantara is a leader in helping organizations optimize and accelerate their cloud strategies across public, private, and hybrid clouds. We know how to achieve the right mix of cost optimization, IT agility, security and data governance. In this session, you’ll hear real-world case studies on how to take the risk out of the vital advancements your IT strategy demands, including application migration and modernization to public clouds, automated hybrid cloud data pipelines and retention, and virtualized and container-based private cloud strategies for enterprise apps, DevOps, and more. Come listen to the people who have been in your shoes and thrived.
Accelerate Your Data Center Automation With AIOps

Accelerate Your Data Center Automation With AIOps

What comes after your automation, powered by machine learning and AI operations, transforms your operations? As an agile, responsive and innovative IT organization, what’s next? You know it already: new technology demands such as cloud, edge...

What comes after your automation, powered by machine learning and AI operations, transforms your operations? As an agile, responsive and innovative IT organization, what’s next? You know it already: new technology demands such as cloud, edge, IoT, and big data. To meet these requirements, you will have to take full advantage of your intelligent infrastructure. Fear not. In this special session you’ll hear strategies and real-world best practices for using the power of your data to drive more automation and agility across your operations to push them to the next levels of innovation.
Get Your Head Start in Smart Spaces and IoT

Get Your Head Start in Smart Spaces and IoT

How do you apply advancements in Smart Spaces and IoT to benefit your organization? These capabilities are transforming the way humans interact with the physical world. And they are quickly transforming your markets as competitors and disruptors...

How do you apply advancements in Smart Spaces and IoT to benefit your organization? These capabilities are transforming the way humans interact with the physical world. And they are quickly transforming your markets as competitors and disruptors look for every advantage. Smart spaces are interactive environments where digital technologies such as connectivity, video, lidar, sensor data, AR, and AI combine to deliver a more immersive, automated experience. From hospital rooms to factory floors and interactive retail environments, smart spaces and IoT multiply the power of data and analytics. Hitachi Vantara is at the forefront of these changes and in this special session we’ll give you a no-hype-zone look at what successful organizations like yours are doing today to capture the advantages of these emerging technologies.

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Choose from more than 50 sessions on data strategies, products, services and training. Many presented by your industry peers. There’s literally something for everybody.

Edge-to-Core Infrastructure
Session Title
Session Description
Optimize Next-Gen IT Operations With a Services Approach

Enterprise IT organizations face tremendous pressure to keep up with the changes in processes, technologies, tools and business goals. One of the biggest challenges IT teams face is being able to pinpoint the small, harmful issues in the large streams of big data being logged in their environments. Even with the right software tools, gaining timely insights can be challenging. With Hitachi Vantara custom solutions, you can transform your data center to be smarter, efficient and self-healing. Learn more from a panel of experts, including valued customers, about how partnering with Hitachi can help you achieve IT-operation outcomes faster than ever.

Empower Innovation With Next-Generation Hitachi Advantage

To power business operations and drive thoughtful, real-time decision making, applications need access to rapidly growing data sets. The challenge for IT leaders is that most new platforms have not been architected to support the ever-increasing demands of new workloads, but there is a better choice. In this session, learn how Hitachi Vantara redefines enterprise storage systems to ensure superior performance and capacity, better safeguard customer data and improve IT agility. Industry experts will cover new strategies for future-proofing IT and demonstrate how to use Hitachi next-generation storage technology.

Deliver Agility at the Edge

Explore the roadmap that will bring Hitachi Vantara’s vision to reality. Getexclusive insight into the innovations that will change the game for storage,converged infrastructure, data protection and artificial intelligence (AI)operations software. Learn how to drive intelligent operations and createan agile, modernized virtual data center with new technologies including:

  • Software-defined storage.
  • NVMe.
  • IT automation.
  • Predictive analytics and object storage.

This session is suitable for general business.

Training Session:Optimizing IT Operations With Infrastructure Analytics

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside a centralized data center or cloud. Where that data is generated heavily depends on the nature of your business. It could be a remote facility where people work, a factory where products are manufactured or a multitude of distributed IoT devices that generate streams of machine data. Whatever the case, industry experts agree that the future of digital business will be driven by companies’ ability to receive, manage, analyze and share information to and from these edge points. Join this strategy session to learn about the different ways Hitachi Vantara helps customers integrate and activate various edge locations as part of a comprehensive edge-to-core DataOps strategy.

Multicloud Acceleration
Session Title
Session Description
How Automation Disrupts Modernization and Migration to Cloud

The next big thing in cloud is not where applications are run – it’s how they are run. DevSecOps and fully automated, low-code development platforms are the disruptive catalysts for how you use cloud. In this session, we’ll show you specialized solutions for secure, hyperscale, cloud infrastructure migration and modernization that are supported by an automated infrastructure-as-code (IaC) platform. We’ll use real customer examples to show how our deep expertise in Amazon Web Services and commitment to collaboration with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform have all been core to customer success.In this session, you’ll also understand how to deliver a managed digital transformatiom platform that is enabled with multicloud and works on a global scale. Don’t miss seeing how a modern application approach with REAN tools on Hitachi Enterprise Cloud can drive innovation in your organization. This approach uses a consistent platform across on-premise cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and multicloud scenarios.NOTE: Microsoft and Azure are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

How an Indian News Site Drives IT With Private Cloud

Digital enterprise DailyHunt is one of the fastest growing news aggregators in India. To allow private cloud, they used Hitachi Unified Compute Platform to implement automation and orchestration. Listen as they tell us how they created value for their business when they drove IT to align.

Reach Enterprise-Grade Service Levels With Your Kubernetes –Faster, Better and Easier

A current trend among developers is the rapid adoption of Kubernetes in silos across the organization. Though Kubernetes brings flexibility, finding enterprise-grade support can be difficult. Whether your environments are on-prem or in the cloud, it can be a challenge to ensure compliance, governance, security, service availability and operational efficiency. And with exploding costs as business units drive their own new hardware and cloud environments for each project, you’ve got yourself a case of Kubernetes sprawl.Join this session to learn how you can get the enterprise-grade support you need with Kubernetes and avoid costly challenges.We’ll show you how to go beyond a simple “lift and shift” cloud strategy to drive toward your overall digital transformation goals with better control, performance, flexibility, and a high level of security and compliance.

How KPN and Hitachi Deliver Data Service for Multicloud

As multicloud gains interest and traction, many enterprises have trouble actually taking advantage of all that multicloud offers. We’ll show you how your applications virtualized with VMware can move to multicloud quickly, securely and easily. Learn how you can use Hitachi’s expertise to help you achieve true multicloud capabilities for your VMware-virtualized applications.

Building Automated Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is fast emerging to be the optimum IT consumption model, combining agility and scale of public cloud with control and compliance of a private data center. Learn how to build a true hybrid cloud with Hitachi and VMware Cloud Foundation that is scalable, secure and simple to operate. Session will cover seamless workload migration to AWS and Azure, automated bring-on, secure tenant partitioning, easy lifecycle management and integrated security.Speakers: Ravi Srinivasan and VMware TBD

Hybrid Cloud Optimization forModern Databases with HCP, UCP, and Pentaho

Enterprise organizations are now embracing multi-cloud implementation, to match their application needs with the correct cloud services.In this architectural discussion led by Hitachi Vantara technical and business leaders, you will:• Understand how a comprehensive hybrid cloud strategy for Oracle databases will enable your team to meet dynamic business needs• Take advantage of the burgeoning growth of Hadoop and MongoDB to control capex and prepare a foundation for big data analytics• Have knowledge on the step-by-step implementation plan for an effective on-premise and public cloud Oracle data management strategy

Ensure Compliance, Security, and Governance in the Cloud with an Automated Applications Platform

Enterprise organizations utilizing cloud are focusing deeply on cloud security. Cloud resources change frequently, cloud security needs to be continuous to maintain regulatory, compliance, risk and governance objectives. Hitachi Vantara’s REAN Platform provides infrastructure validation, security assessment with remediation with actionable intelligence to support continuous compliance in the cloud.Key takeaway #1: Learn about REAN Platforms functionality and capability to support continuous compliance in your cloudKey takeaway #2: Find out about tools and best practices to support a holistic cloud security frameworkKey takeaway #3: See demonstrations of the REAN Platform technologies and how they integrate together to achieve cloud security at scale

Data Operations for Analytics
Session Title
Session Description
Data Operations for Analytics,Roadmap and Vision

Central to the Data Operations for Analytics portfolio are Pentaho Data Integration, Pentaho Business Analytics and Hitachi Content Intelligence. Attend this session to learn about these products and get exclusive insight on the vision and roadmap. You’ll hear about recent advances that deliver four compelling value propositions that go beyond helping you build data pipelines. First, get immediate cost relief from your expanding data lake footprint that comprises Hadoop, Splunk and other technologies. Second, organize, curate and liberate your data with modern analytic engines. Third, empower broad sets of new users with catalogs, self-service data preparation and data governance. And finally, deliver out-of-the-box solutions to data challenges based on contextual metadata knowledge.

Data Operations: How IT canEnable Self-Service Data Accessfor the Business

The percentage of firms identifying themselves as being data-driven has declined in each of the past three years. Why? Because line of business needs change and evolve. And so do the underlying technologies that support analytics, such as data lakes and data warehouses, not to mention open source technologies for data science and streaming – which makes it next to impossible for IT to keep up. Now, imagine a world where you can leverage automation to provide curated data on-demand to ALL your business users across ALL your lines of business. Attend this session to learn how you can build a framework for your business users to access the data they need, without all the guesswork, in a governed way – with an Apple like experience.

From Data Analysis to Data Outcomes

Nearly all large organizations are investing in data-driven initiatives to unlock strategic insights from their data. The problem is that just a third of organizations say that they’re data driven, leaving them at risk of being disrupted by more agile competitors.But fear not CIOs, a recent Harvard Business Review survey found that PEOPLE are the principle challenge to becoming data-driven. This is forcing organizations to reexamine how analytic and machine learning capabilities are integrated into daily workflows. In this session, you’ll learn how Hitachi Vantara can help your organization build a data-driven driven culture delivering analytics ready data for different outcome owners. See how customers have been able to use analytics, custom dashboard, and search to achieve critical business initiatives.

From the Lab to the Bottom Line: Applying Data Science to Drive Business Outcomes

According to Gartner, over 50% of machine learning (ML) models never see the light of day in production environments. The statistic is not good news for any business that cares about customer churn, fraud, risk management, regulatory compliance, predictive maintenance, or any of the other business problems answered by ML. Learn how data operators at leading businesses efficiently deploy ML models and manage their accuracy while in production. Additionally, learn how you can unlock the value of unstructured data such as text, video, audio, and images using high performing deep learning approaches.

Customer Panel: From DataPipelines to Data Operations for Analytics

The data landscape has never been more distributed and complex, which is a key reason building data pipelines still consumes 80% of analytics project time. In response, many organizations are adopting a Data Operations approach to data management. Data Operations aims to reduce the friction between the data operators – those responsible for acquiring, preparing and delivering data – and the consumers of the data, namely the people and applications in the lines of business. Join our panel discussion as we bring together practitioners to share best practices and challenges, and where they think Data Operations is headed.

DataOps in the Cloud: Spokeo

As a leading people search engine that helps customers to safely locate and learn about people, data quality is critical to Spokeo which is why the decision was made to shift from hand-coded ETL scripts and ad-hoc processing to the intuitive drag and drop capabilities of Pentaho.Moving to Pentaho has allowed Spokeo to focus less on the development of internal tools and more on the data that drives their customer experience, quickly taking ideas from concept to production. With Pentaho, Spokeo is now able to centralize their metadata and onboard new data faster and more efficiently, resulting in improved MDM, data lineage, and more timely, accurate and reliable data delivered to their customers.Learn more about how Spokeo leveraged PDI’s Adaptive Execution Layer to build Spark data pipelines running within Amazon EMR for a 100% cloud based DataOps solution.

Data Lake 3.0: curated, compliant, cost-effective

Data Lakes promise rapid access to vast amounts of data, to satisfy the needs of data scientists, data analysts and application developers. However, implementations have proven difficult, often struggling with business adoption issues, compliance concerns and cost overruns. Reasons can be manifold, but typically include lack of business mandates, absence of data governance, and technology choices prohibiting economic scale.Learn about a new approach to data lakes, based on object store technology. Originally pioneered by AWS S3, object store is rapidly becoming the de facto approach for building and managing PB+ scale data lakes. In addition to be highly cost-effective, at a fraction of traditional Hadoop only based approaches, object store based data lakes also enabler data curation through rich metadata, and policy driven data compliance protection.In this session, we’ll cover the fundamentals of object store based data lakes, share based practices, and introduce sample archite

Data Operations for Governance
Session Title
Session Description
Data Operations for Governance Roadmap and Vision

Consider the growing number of data producers and consumers within your organization and ask yourself if you have the technical foundation that offers fast data ingestion, the broadest data integration services, that’s elastic, and optimized to deliver the performance and scale for today’s modernized and intelligent data lakes. These characteristics are central to the Data Operations for Governance portfolio, which includes: Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), HCP Anywhere, HCP Anywhere edge, Hitachi Content Intelligence, Hitachi Content Search, Hitachi Content Monitor, and the partner integrations and solutions.Attend this session to learn about the strategies for these products, their relationship to the broader Hitachi Vantara portfolio, and get exclusive insight into the vision and roadmap. You’ll hear about recent product advances and the value they are providing to our customers.

Data Ops for Governance:Why Data Quality is the Cornerstone of Today’s Successful Data-Driven Organization

Data is everywhere, with IoT and the growing interconnectivity of the different data feeds, data sources, channels, and data consumers, the need for Data Governance controls guided by a comprehensive Data Strategy has never been more important for organizations. Balancing control with agility is challenging, especially when dealing with something as chaotic as data. It’s possible to strike the balance necessary to create the data agility your organization needs to sustain an innovative and competitive leadership position in your respective market.Join Scott Baker in this interactive session where four best practices for ensuring data quality can be achieved with data intelligence services you can deliver to your stakeholders and learn about the outcomes that four of our customers achieved by adopting these best practices and working with Hitachi Vantara.

Data Ops for Governance:How Leaders Turn Data Strategy Into Actions

It’s a grand day when company leadership finally backs up the need for a designated “data-parent,” but this milestone is just the beginning of the real work. Typically, due to high expectations and limited knowledge, business users underestimate the amount of effort and time it takes to build a data-centric or analytics-driven solution and expect the “data-parent” to turn things around single-handedly. In reality, the “data-parent’s” first job is to provide the right direction for the business to move in, and this involves everyone’s commitment and participation before integrating the core data management elements that are critical to turn a data strategy into action.Join Tanya Loughlin and Scott Baker to learn how to overcome the 6 common obstacles faced by every “data-parent”, how to integrate the necessary data management elements, and how one customer integrated their data strategy into a co-created solution to support their compliance and regulatory reporting responsibilities.

Data Ops for Governance:Automating Data Quality andAggregation to Create a Flexible Single Source of Truth

The rate at which data is growing today is not the problem that everyone tries to make it out to be. The real problem is data fragmentation and disconnected technology silos where data is trapped and often goes dark. Data fragmentation encumbers organizations with a number of common challenges. Overcoming these challenges can be accomplished by creating an intelligent and flexible single source of truth. With everyone wanting to get smarter about their data, implementing sustainable strategies to manage data while driving business requirements can be a very challenging task.Building that intelligent and flexible single source of truth is not as hard as you might think. Join Michael Pacheco and Deepak Nagpal for an interactive session with demonstrations that highlight AI/ML-powered offerings for conducting data assessments and quality checks, data migrations and tiering, and data analytics as a way to automate data quality checks and centralize organizational data to promote data consistency, standards, and improved compliance.

Data Ops for Governance: Finding, Equipping, and Protecting the Citizen Data Scientists

The citizen data scientist is an analytically minded worker that loves to experimentand has a primary job function that is not data engineering or data analytics. Finding them in your organization is not hard, and any program that supports and encourages them should start with a plan for democratizing analytics to give them access to data and the tools to work with it to transform the discoveryprocess. With more people actively looking for new answers, discovery becomesmore widespread in the organization and a bigger part of an innovative mindset.Join Arik Pelkey and Scott Baker in a session dedicated to scaling the analytics capabilties of your organizaiton by developing and integrating the experimentive, prototyping, and creative spirit of those who are not traditional data scientists.

Internet of Things
Session Title
Session Description
How the Spaces Around Us Get Smarter and Why It Matters

Increase efficiencies, reduce waste, keep people safe and improve experiences, all by getting smarter. Like many cities, businesses and other organizations have already done, you can use video intelligence, IoT, AI and analytics to create smart spaces. You’ll get rich insights and real-time information to help you make smarter decisions, take proactive actions and enhance experiences for customers, residents, visitors, passengers and many others.Join this session to hear how smart spaces deliver benefits across different industries to help businesses like yours thrive and improve society.

The Digital Future of Mining

“Extract ore at any cost” was traditionally the miner’s mantra. History has proven however, that the mining industry experiences dramatic swings in up-and-down economic cycles.Now miners are transforming their business processes from pit to port to fit their new mantra: “extract ore at the right cost.” Join us to discover how to increase throughput from existing capital expenditure, lower the cost of operations, optimize the use of consumables and manual labor and lower the cost of maintenance with reduced ad-hoc downtimes – all key to ensuring a future for the mining industry.

How Smart Airports Keep You Safe and On Time

When you travel by air, you go through several challenges: getting to the airport, finding parking, checking luggage, dealing with delays… the list can go on. But today’s airports are getting smarter about improving your experience.Thanks to converging technologies like video insights, IoT, machine learning and analytics, airports can get insights on how to make your journey a great one. Hear from experts on how airports and airlines use new solutions to keep operations running smoothly and keep you safe and on time.

Innovate With Data: Lessons From the Frontier

Digital transformation is about preparing for the transformative future. Buthow are technologies like IIoT, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and 5G helping the industry prepare for the opportunities ahead?From smart manufacturing to oil and gas, industry leaders are taking bold ideas and operationalizing them to deliver business value to their organizations. Join us in this session with experts from Ericsson, Logan Aluminum and Precision Drilling. They’ll uncover lessons and ideas and explore revolutionary approaches to innovating with data from edge to cloud.

Smart Edge to Intelligent Apps: DataOps for Manufacturing

Digital transformation in manufacturing is not just a one-time shot. It includes applications, data integration, data flows, data storage, governance, infrastruc-ture management and analytics. The journey has milestones but is also a continuous pathway to operational excellence. That, of course, means there are challenges along the way.Data silos, for example, arise where information tends to stay in the operating unit and can’t be consistently shared. Data hubs are ideal go-to places for data within an enterprise so that many point-to-point connections are avoided. But the real promise of IIoT is in outcome-based intelligent applications that help realize business value.To help you improve quality and efficiency, reduce cost and risk, Hitachi Group companies are working to implement a highly scalable digital manufacturing framework and operational technology-based manufacturing solutions. More than technology, these innovations incorporate data operations so that you can maximize your return on data.

Lumada Edge: Drive Innovation in Edge Computing

When you work with edge data, you can encounter several problems. It can be noisy, locked in proprietary systems and restricted from other departments. To help you address many of those challenges, Lumada Edge allows you to scale from resource-constrained edge devices to powerful multinode cloud deployments. It can also accommodate the many protocols prevalent in the IoT space and handle the large amounts of data produced by industrial assets.Join us for a deep dive into how you can achieve exceptional performance and reliability with Lumada Edge. Along with use-case examples, you’ll hear how Lumada Edge can bring you:- Real-time insights and faster local action.- Ensured governance, protection and compliance.- Tiering and configurations for lower costs.

Understand Industrial Operations Technology

As an IT professional, you understand the divide between IT and operations technology (OT). You’ve heard terms like PLC, MES and historian, but what do they mean?Operations teams are responsible for automation systems, system security, operations management and safety. The group in charge of this data is the plant engineering organization. As part of overall data operations, you need to understand OT.Come to this session to help strengthen your understanding of industrial systems and become a more trusted advisor with your operations teams. Among the many things you’ll learn about operations teams, you’ll discover:- Their language and information systems.- How they architect and secure operations systems.- The biggest integration issue: people.

Data-Driven Solutions
Session Title
Session Description
Financial Services: Data Privacy Is a Competitive Advantage

To improve their customers’ experiences, financial institutions must generate insights and innovation from their data, using advanced analytics. But new privacy and sovereignty regulations risk dramatically reducing the value of their customer data. What’s more, common privacy techniques, such as encryption and anonymization, do not support compliant analytics, AI and data sharing. Learn more about Hitachi Digital Privacy, using our partner Anonos and our Hitachi Vantara Pentaho PDI and machine learning technologies. It gives you unique, end-to-end capabilities enabling you to achieve your business objectives and turn regulation into a competitive advantage.You’ll come away with important insights:- Legally use, share and analyze your data for competitive advantage- Structure a compliant self-service environment- Transform non-compliant data into legally usable data

Financial Services: Leverage Your Data to Comply With Regulationsand Improve Business Outcomes

Let’s face it, financial services institutions’ main business objectives are to generate revenue, grow your business and be competitive. Most firms, though, are caught up in ever-increasing cost and resource burdens from dramatic increases in regulatory obligations. Data is changing the world as we know it and pulling us from our comfort zones into change, transformation and, in some cases, uncertainty. Let’s delve into how financial services firms can use their data to navigate these complex changes in regulatory and legal obligations. Let’s see how to monetize data for better business revenue and outcomes. In this session, we’ll examine two solutions: durable medium and Intraday Insights, that allow you to apply your data to simplify their compliance and risk obligations and improve their bottom lines.

Financial Services: How Will You Use Block chain in Your Enterprise?

Blockchain technology is already maturing and is now ready for many enterprise use cases. Maybe even yours. We will look at promising uses of blockchain in governance, business process management, and asset tokenization. Learn where Hitachi is taking blockchain technology today from David Pinski, the chief strategist for Hitachi’s Financial Innovation Lab.You’ll have several useful takeaways:- Learn about Hitachi initiatives in blockchain- See where Hitachi sees the most benefit in blockchain technology- Engage with the Financial Innovation Lab

Telco: Bring AI-Driven QoE From Core to Edge With Telecom Intelligent Connectivity

Create the new future of real-time experiences through intelligent connectivity aligned with data. The world’s telecom operators are rapidly becoming digital service providers through investments in 5G, AI, ML and data-driven platforms that enable a new generation of digital platforms. These platforms promise real-time improvements to the quality of user experiences, ranging from business IoT services to consumer multifactor entertainment. By infusing machine and artificial intelligence with digital services, digital telecoms can dramatically improve the quality of consumer interactions with seamless and secure digital enablement of the services we rely on in our daily lives.Expect these significant takeaways:- See how data and telecom digital services power QoE- Understand intelligent connectivity, network, AI, and data platforms- See digital telecoms’ all-in-one services for digital experiences

Healthcare: Smart Data Operations for Healthcare Outcomes

How will you deal with the immense data challenges of the healthcare industry? Data drives healthcare decisions, provider operations and disease research. Data can come from observation, imaging, trials, machine IoT, wearable IoT, laboratory results and genomics. The opportunities for big data to influence operational efficiencies, population health, disease treatment, and innumerable other outcomes is nearly beyond quantification. You can improve your ability to manage the challenges in precision healthcare by applying smart data operations. Learn how the Hitachi Vantara digital platform (Hitachi Content Platform, Hitachi Content Intelligence, Pentaho and Lumada) give you a smart data operations framework that optimizes data delivery for practitioners and patients. At the same time, it enables extensive reuse of data for machine learning and disease research.You will learn these important insights:- Apply a data-centric approach to understand market challenges- Increase the effectiveness of information workers in healthcare- Enable DICOM, non-DICOM, genomic, labs, and HL7 message data

Drive Outcomes With Hitachi Fraud and Investigate

These days the investigation process is a daunting task, what with countless privacy laws, data-retention policies and the explosive growth of structured and unstructured data. In this session, you’ll learn how to consolidate the data and management components of investigations. You’ll see how to make them consumable and suitable to present as part of a fraud case in civil or criminal investigations. We will demonstrate the unique data agnostic management capabilities of Hitachi Fraud and Investigate (HFI) including the management of mass volumes of video-based evidence via mobile footage, CCTV and others. This provides insurance companies, banks and other organisations an advantage in their investigations. Learn how to ensure that your process is managed, controlled and handled lawfully.You’ll have several important takeaways:- Drive efficiency into your investigations- Reduce the cost of your investigations- Accelerate fraud investigations by including a broader audience

Solutions Showcase

Where do we start? We’ve gathered all the best data solutions from Hitachi and our partners – all for you. See for yourself what can be done with the latest technologies and integrations. Bring your walking shoes. We’ll provide the rest stops.

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Check out this quick review of the whole NEXT 2018
Check out this quick review of the whole NEXT 2018
The first day’s General Session is still full of useful information
The first day’s General Session is still full of useful information
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Watch the second day’s General Session for still more insight
Check out this quick review of the whole NEXT 2018
The first day’s General Session is still full of useful information
Watch the second day’s General Session for still more insight

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