We’re Building the Best Agenda Ever.
For You!

We can’t wait to show you what we’ll have at NEXT 2020. Here’s a quick peek as we line up all the visionaries, the insights and the entertainment.

Our promise to you is that NEXT 2020 will be like NEXT 2019, only bigger, better and more breathtaking.

NEXT 2020

Arrivals / Registration

Come prepared for insights and more. Much more.

Opening Reception

Connect with your fellow travelers on this grand adventure.

General Session

Get the latest from the best on the main stage. Maybe even a big announcement, too!

Solutions Showcase

Go ahead! Touch the newest, most effective solutions for your digital challenges.


Hear from the experts about the tools and tips that will make all the difference to you.

General Session

Gain new perspectives from the futurists and the realists to boost your success.

Solutions Showcase

Go see all the great solutions that you couldn’t get to yesterday.


More tools, more tips, more experts just for you. Need an extra notepad?

Closing Party

Time to flip the script with our legendary, world-class entertainment.


We hate to see you go, but you have some digital challenges to go manage. Bon voyage!

NEXT 2020 starts Monday, November 16 and ends the evening of November 18. We'll have spectacular General Sessions, Breakouts and a phenomenal Solutions Showcase. We're deciding the details even as you read this. Returning guests will be amazed at the new breadth and depth of NEXT 2020.