IoT Platform Selection Guide

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IoT Platform Selection Guide - 451 Research Pathfinder Report
IoT Platform Selection Guide - 451 Research Pathfinder Report
Explore the Classifications and Characteristics That Can Provide Metrics in the IoT Platform Decision-Making Process

Evaluating an IoT platform can be complex. Careful consideration is essential before investing in a platform. A complete understanding of the various IoT platforms can help guide the decision-making process and ensure that all project requirements are met.

In this 451 Research Advisory paper, you will learn:
  • The four types of IoT platforms: connectivity, middleware, application and integrated
  • What data capabilities are critical to invest in to achieve meaningful results
  • The importance of a platform that supports both stream and batch data processing
  • Key platform capabilities, including functionality, security, AI and machine learning, device management, and more

Learn more about key points to consider, including vendor reputation, when selecting IoT platforms.
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